The C-Depositor of Böhnke & Luckau is specifically designed for products that have a very small chocolate part. Possible ingredients are nuts, almonds, dried fruits and cereals. The depositor is placed over a Böhnke & Luckau cooling channel to cool the formed product in an optimal manner. Possible shapes are round, square and rectangular. The premixed mass is filled into a hopper. From there it is placed with precise weight on the continuously running belt after passing through a dosing drum. The removable drum allows for a quick change to a different shape and makes
the machine easy to clean.

  • Cooling tunnels of all manufacturers possible
  • Outstanding dosing accuracy
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • High nut and fruit ratio
  • High clock time
Capacity depending on product
Working Width 320/ 520/ 720 mm
Velocity up to 50 cycles/minute

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