Due to their large surface area, chocolate and compound drops can easily be melted for further processing. Additionally these drops are easy to dose. They are produced on drop lines, which are a combination of a drop depositor and a cooling channel. Böhnke & Luckau drop depositors offer exact dosing weights through their servo controlled piston stroke system. The cooling channel can be equipped with bottom water cooling. Radiation cooling, convection cooling or a combination of both can also be selected by the operator.

  • Uniform appearance of drops
  • Multiple color drops
  • Exact drop weights
  • High clock speed
  • Hygienic design
Capacity 300 kg/h – 1 500 kg/h
Working Width 600/ 1 000/ 1 300 mm
Velocity up to 22 cycles/minute
Type Continuous running/ intermittent belt
Kind Drops/ Buttons, one color/ two colors

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